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Pistol Wall Display


If you hit me up on twitter, I told you I could make one or two of these for you. No I'm no crazy artisan, but I made this thing up to fill up some wall space with some sweet pistols. It works pretty well, but it's not for unattended areas or any irresponsible foot traffic. Narrow and pretty, this was made to be mounted in an area about 10.5"x25". Just a couple boards and some dowels and it's an easy pistol display. On the one shown, I did a hurried plasti-dip job to test it out, I'd look to source some heat-shrink rubber for the next ones, or just straight wood finish. (I'm liking retainer dowels on stained wood rods. Looks uniform. Let me know exactly what you're looking for and I'll see if I can get it done. This is pretty much made to order, so let me know (if you haven't already) exactly how you want it. Patches are a little extra (again, we'll work it out, since some of my older designs are out of stock) , but I'll throw some tiny velcro loop squares on if you'd like to put some backdrop on it. I'll be turning these out on the weekend, and I've got enough wood for a couple more, so help me recharge my beer money fund, eh?

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