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Above all else, please understand that I'm just one guy doing all of this. We tend to get 1-10 orders most weeks, until something's on the vids, then the floodgates open at once. There's not much I can do to predict it, so I stock small numbers and keep flexibility without drowning in stuff that may never sell. That sometimes means I'm caught being totally out one one thing, but flush with another. 

1a: My order says "electronic info received" but not tracking status. I think it got lost in the mail!

-Possibly. Most of the time, I've printed your label up and put it on my desk to hunt down some stock, remind myself to ship it, or I just printed it before I noticed I was out of something. Like the rest of stuff, 2.5 weeks max, then you can drop me a line. Most of the time, I've got it right there and I'll try to rush it out to you quicker. 

1:  Do you accept paper orders/ can I send you payment? 

Yup. We take cash/money order at: 

10322 S. Redwood Road, PMB 038 South Jordan, UT 84095

Please no checks: we don't like giving out our personal accoutns and names to accept them, so they're basically pirate money here. 

2:  Is anyone in TNP a HAM radio operator?

No. For some reason, we get this in the customer service, like, 3x a week. 

3:  What method do you ship with?

USPS, only in special circumstances will we consider doing otherwise. Large parcel orders are rare, so shipping may be overly inflated for orders more than $100. If that's the case, contact us and we'll adjust it for the true shipping pricing. 

4: I'm missing something with my order!

No problem, email the customer service link and we'll work something out. I tend to shuck 'em out at fast as I can, and sometimes labels will sublimate or just get lost- either way I try to hook you guys up with some free stuff if I can!

5: My order still hasn't shipped and it's been X days- Why?

AT THE VERY LEAST, GIVE IT 2.5 WEEKS. That's usually the time it takes for the patches/stickers to come back in stock. Past that, drop me a line, unless...your order includes handmade items like casings, necklaces, etc. we may have to make them to order. Serial numbers are reserved for the runs, but it's time consuming to make all the necessary ones. Casings are completed whenever Nutn gets around to doing them. So far, the shortest order time has been a week, longest- 3 months. They get done in batches these days. 

6: I sent you a gear question/concern/ comment/other, why no response? 

The contact address associated with the store does not immediately forward mail that doesn't include an order number. While we'd love to read/answer everything,  but opening the 'other' category of the mail system is time consuming and usually a monthly affair. If that. Once upon a time I would try to answer a lot of it, but I promise nothing. Plus, Nutnfancy doesn't even read this mail here. At all. Ever.