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3XL, 2XL, S Shark T-Shirt


Adapted from the competition patches, we've gone with a smoother, more thread-dense and higher quality shirt this time around. Super comfy Gildan ring-spun softstyle makes this one our favorites yet. (3XL are standard Cotton, no ring spun avail. :( )

Printed and screened in Oregon, these super soft, beautiful tees are taking the TNP game to the next level! These newest shirt batches are my favorite by far. Superb color retention, excellent accuracy in image alignment, and rad design all in one. A far cry from the original 1 color arrangements, these take considerable effort to set up in the screenprinted process for each color. I've been running the initial testor for a bout a year to find it's held up very well- still no cracking flaking, even for a work shirt that I use for hocking steel!

Small: 34-36"
Medium: 38-40"
Large: 42-44"
XL: 46-48"
XXL: 50-52"
XXXL: 54-56"

Women's size approximation:
Small: Size 0-2
Medium: Size 4-6
Large: Size 8-10
XL: Size 12-14
XXL: Size 16-18
XXXL: Size 18-20