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Dice TNP Fundraiser (Workshop Special)

Image of Dice TNP Fundraiser (Workshop Special)


A cool little pocket friendo, the Dice combines superb carbon fiber, titanium, and superb XHP steel in a smaller, more carry-friendly size than other blades around here. The tech doesn't come cheap, with average prices just under $200 (These had a "discount" at the time paying $178), but you get a beautiful piece of kit that sits just over three and a half ounces that holds an edge like a tiny pitbull in a frame that combines some of the coolest scale materials around. A solid Reeve lock with a hard-wearing steel interface keeps this operating slickly in tandem with a set of ball bearing washers for glassy, beautiful operation.
We had procured a couple for review, and after coating one of ours, we've figured we can let the others go as some good donation gifts! We get a lot of knives through the doors, so it's not killer to lose one or two, so I've listed these in case anyone wants to help out the project and get a little something back for the trouble. -Doodle

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