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Cold Steel Tiger Claw

Image of Cold Steel Tiger Claw


Most batches of crew knives I've done have had a few stragglers that vie for the spotlight as our next selection. There have been some good Cold Steel contenders, but I've yet to find one that pleased everyone in the loop, so Spydies keep winning out. This particular folder is a cold steel entry in white and bronze, and while totally awesome, didn't make it for a special run. 1 of 1. :/ -Doodle

Ships Priority Air, in stock and ready to go. Will be signed by us prior to hitting the main stream. Blade will have all 3 screws in clip, I was a little excited when I finished building this one. Original price: $150 paid. ( I grabbed this one when it first came out, I like a karambit or two :)

Sold Out