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It's finally here. Custom made for TNP from our own designs and specs, these are the best hats we've ever had. Made from 100% lightweight nylon, hard-wearing stitching, and a light, plastic brim, this hat brings you adventure-ready, quick drying performance across pretty much anything we throw at it. A lengthy testing process taught us about what parts we liked and disliked in everything from sizing for perfect fit or eliminating piping that catches and holds dirt over time. Color-fast fabric looks great and even continues the pattern under the bill, with a built-in sweatband keeping the salt out of your eyes.

With a front patch from TNP's design catalog in two of our most popular designs this thing looks great anywhere you'd be using a hat anyway. Stitched in hi-def embroidery, the patches are sewn on for total security and flexibility.

And that's just the front. THe sides each have a velcro, elastic panel sized for pens, pencils, and sharpies in case you need somewhere to put it. Want to put some sunglasses somewhere your lenses won't get filty? Throw one of the temples in the loops and enjoy smudge-free sight once you don them again. Or put a temple in each side to keep them set up over your head. A little bit of loop velcro outside the loops adds some storage capability too, in case you want to get creative with some cord routing.

Custom made, and absolutely exclusive, this has taken about 1.5 years from initial design and sourcing to having these in hand, and I gotta say it was worth it. Finding a supplier that was willing to make them to our unorthodox specs and drawings was tough enough, even more so to find one willing make the quantities we want. We're a small operation, and we were lucky to get in touch with the manufacturer we did to get these to fruition. Imported. (Though we wanted to have them made domestically, there weren't any outfits around that would dabble in going custom for a hat run.)

Shipping is now USPS Priority, these have been getting there pretty quick these days. If you're far enough west it's almost like 1 day air from what I'm seeing. -Doodle

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