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Zodiac Hang-out


Ride with Nutnfancy in the TNP Zodiac "Cool Boy Proxy." Day includes a trip around Alacatraz Island, trip to Golden Gate Bridge, San Pablo Bay, and possibly Pacific Ocean run. Motor is ETEC 30hp and the boat is safe and secure...ask TNPr Kevin Burton who was the first to do this. Day includes one on one visit with Nutn and gear advising of your choosing. Pictures and videos taken by you are welcome. Lunch at a certain favorite location will is included in the cost. We will contact you with scheduling opportunities and if it can't work out, will refund your payment after a certain period and offer the trip to the next TNPr. These trips are very limited as it is expensive for us to get to CA and store/maintain the Zodiac Futura and its support vehicles. Please read through requirements below. Your payment means you agree to them. This day trip could be very adventurous and on rough water, plan accordingly. Watch Nutn's Zodiac videos to get an idea of the conditions. We will try to schedule in good weather. This is a once in a lifetime trip you will never forget, well worth the reasonable cost.
• For boat performance we ask occupant (s) to weigh 200 lbs or less
PFDs will be provided. However guest should be a strong swimmer with appropriate GoreTex, dry suit, or wet weather gear. Wave conditions can be substantial in certain locations, especially outside the Golden Gate Bridge.
• Nutn is an experienced Zodiac pilot and will keep you safe. Nevertheless we will require a full liability waiver to be signed.
Price is $699 for single person, $799 for two people which is the maximum for boat performance. If your trip is combined with other TNPrs a $100 credit will be issued.
• Bring sunscreen, good hat that won't blow off, sunglasses, wet suit gloves (if you have them), wet suit boots (if you have them), and a fun loving attitude. Expect to see seals, sea birds, pelicans, possibly dolphins, whales, sailing races, heavy commercial shipping traf-fic, Coast Guard vessels, and perhaps even a Great White Shark in this area of operations.