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Zeiss Ferio Z51 Starlight Night Vision Scope


We grabbed a couple of these for T&E a few years ago, and we haven't really used them too much... but I'm making some space, so they're up here!
Optics are as-received originally, and are Milsurp pieces with standard wear throughout. Lens cap is disconnected at one side (it's old rubber, and GI's aren't always super patient at keeping stuff nice. :) Pretty good clarity and a great little prop piece of old-school, collectible militaria. Honestly, it looks rad on everything. Big, bulky, and heavy-duty, it's true-blue cold war german handiwork. Great for a guilt-free build, a cheap knockaround night vision optic, or accessory for any HK of the era. Includes the original case, cloth, sack, and mounts. While you may not need the RPG mount or the machine gun attachment points, it has them should you ever find 'em.

Better than getting these surplus, it also includes the now rare ARMS #7 mount, converting these to standard picatinny mounting. This simplifies everything by a lot, and makes it capable of jumping on any rifle. Or mount, or tripod...wherever you can find some rail space.

Everything here is as it came from the factory- no cleaning, no dickin' around with it, just receipt, mounting on a test gun to check out, then putting it back in the gun safe. It hasn't even been out of the house! Granted, it's not really brand new, since the poor GI's humping this around Germany years ago didn't go out of their way to take care of it, but hey, at least it ain't my fault.

Shipping on this is a MONSTER. About 18" cubed and a bit under 40 lbs, it's gonna cost a bit to get it out to you. Sorry in advance!

Price is placed at what we paid for it. While not quite Midway's $800, it's still a pricey item. :/

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