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Vostok Kommandirskie Watch


Freshly imported, this hand-wound watch is the same type and style as seen in the latest EDC watch video. Built in the same Soviet factories as it was decades ago, this is a good contender for a fairly unique, quirky watch selection. I accidentally bought two in my order when I got mine a while back, and it's been a nice little alternative in my rotation. This one carries the newer 2414A mechanical, manual winding movement with screw-down crown. It's not quartz-accurate, but the come on, it's a little time machine! The backing on it is a beautiful stamping of their double-headed eagle, the seconds beat at 19,800 beats per hour, and the power reserve is just under 40 hours. (I'd swear mine's longer, But the factory says 38 hrs) The lume is fair to good, depending on the amount of light you feed it. Light, relatively small, and one of the prettier dial designs, this is my fave model of the entry-level commandirskie. Included is the little piece of chocolate the seller included with purchase. :) -Doodle

I'm selling it for what I bought it for, and this way you don't have to wait 8 months for it to get here!

If you buy this, I'd definitely recommend getting a replacement NATO strap for it, the one I got has gone up in price a little, but they're real easy to find. I'd look for paying around $8 per, but a lot of places tend to discount them down to $5/per if you buy enough. Since this has a little lug width, you could always augment your watch collection with a couple more that run the same size and have some options.

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