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TNP Paramilitary II Black/White


A long-time EDC fave around here, we've had a couple PMII's floating around the carry pool for a while in various colorways and sprint runs, and we've finally done a couple in one of our favorite crew schemes. Light, compact, and thin, this is one of Spyderco's home runs. Smooth, enjoyable flickability married to S30V steel in a sandwich of tactile G10. Handling it is rewarding, deploying it is addicting.

By now it's almost a TNP tradition for us to make a small run of crew-only edc blades - usually a thin, fairly light, affordable folder with a little extra work on it to make it more enjoyable. For 2015, I made a few extras of my personal Resilience, and a lot of people asked for a higher-end blade that was more collectible and U.S. produced. Well, I personally always preferred the form factor of the resilience, and when I made my personal run I just couldn't afford a paramilitary pricepoint. But I figured I would try out a couple of them and help out those who wanted one... but mostly I wanted one of my own!

7/16: Presently, I have 5 prepped and ready. Not having deep pockets, I'm a little limited on how much I can swing, so this will be a test run. Interested in one? Preorder it here and I'll contact you with the details and an ETA as the project moves along. I may leave it open for a bit, I may close it off after a week, it really depends on how many want one. :) Sadly, it is expensive. As much as I hate charging that much for it, economy of scale doesn't begin to come into play here, and it's all hand-finished, prepped, and sharpened in the USA. (If it's any consolation, some of that will probably go towards 100 year old guns that NF refuses to procure)

If you join the preorder list, I'll keep you updated throughout the process of getting them and doing the work at least every month. While I would hope it doesn't take that long, this run was backordered for about 6 months by the time it came to me. If it comes to that, I'll work with you for any wait times if you want out. Each blade is Signed by Nutnfancy and initialed by me, and if you'd like, the number made may be engraved if so chosen. Each comes with a cert indicating our provenance, though it's more to have another little thing to look at when it comes in the mail!

Shipping stats aren't accurate for worldwide shipping, if you are outside US jurisdiction it's up to you to ensure customs clearance and legality- I can't afford gambling with customs out of my pocket!

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