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TNP/Doodle Custom Resilience Folding Knife

$179.93 - On Sale

Starting out as a stock Spyderco Resilience, cerakoted in Burnt Bronze and Snow White. Before application, each piece is individually bead-blasted and prepped by hand to ensure a durable, lasting coating that will wear in beautifully with use. Each clip was bead blasted and polished to give a subtle, quieter finish than stock. Liners were blasted as well to achieve a matte, soft appearance.

So I (Doodle) wanted to do something fun and unique for the get-together, and after getting a couple offers for my personal resilience I figured it would be cool to make a few more to offer. I was a little late in prepping them to bring all of them to the event, so I'm releasing the rest here. Unlike the other TNP editions there are only 30 of these. The pricing is what it is- I had visions of releasing them much cheaper, but production took much more time than expected. (Each knife from start to finish has about some hours of labor in it- not having the high-dollar equipment to simplify the process means most of it is done by hand. :/ ) Each piece has been numbered and engraved in accordance with past editions, and once these ones are gone I'm not adding to the run.

Blades are priced according to their overall condition- those marked 'Carry' may have tiny (1-3mm) marks or imperfections which the anal-retentive like me notice, so they'll be discounted appropriately. (When I showed these grades to people in-person, most didn't notice at all, and half of the older folks needed their 'cheaters' to even see them to begin with, so it's more a function of how picky I am than the blade's quality itself.)

Each piece includes a certificate of authenticity, marked and matched to other limited TNP blade runs.

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