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TNP Badge Stickers


They're finally here, and this time there's enough to put put on pretty much everything you own. These arose from the incessant marking tape found on every piece of TNP inventory. With an array of blue, yellow, red, all sticking out when looking through stuff out in the field, I figured it would be handy to have a few stickers that we could slap on anything we don't want someone walking away with. Optic? Mags? Toaster? Mimeograph? A nice set of tools you don't want someone walking away with at work? It works pretty well for us at least. For ease of purchasing, some groups of these will be offered below, with some allocated for single sales. Sizes are 4.5 inches, 3.5 inches, 2.5 inches, and 1.5 inches.

Stickers are a matte version of the material we've been using for years. It's proven itself many times over for sticking well and holding its color over time. Just make sure the surface is clean with some alcohol or similar solvent- No replacements can be issued for folks slapping it straight on to their grimy rear window. (I really like 91% rubbing alcohol in a spritz bottle, also rules for cleaning delicate stuff with some microfiber)