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Tenacious Blue/Bronze TNP Fundraiser (Workshop Special)

$130.00 - On Sale

A last hurrah for 2016, I did a few of these for crewmembers and friends like past knife specials. A coating of solid blue over a base coat of white cerakote gives a uniform, durable finish that'll last until your grandkids wear it! Clip and blade coated in an equally durable Burnt-Bronze finish, making this folder much more resistant to corrosion, chemicals, UV fading, and daily wear than standard enamel coatings on other knives. All done by hand in the TNP workshop, the proceeds of this folder go towards making more content and supporting the project. Hand prepped, tuned, and assembled by me (doodle), this is an awesome way to help out the Nutnfancy team. Why sub to a two-year patreon campaign when you could get something fun out of the deal? Instead of drawing out a $15/mo payment, toss this in your cart and save the hassle of cancelling some auto-renewing campaign donation in 2018. :) Knives are signed by the TNP Crew and each inscription is usually unique. Requests can be placed in the "notes to seller" section in checkout.

Current stock as of 11/24: 15

Ships insured in the U.S via Priority (Air shipping), first class worldwide when possible. (Most locations cost $10.25 min. to insure these prior to shipment. I hate it, but I've learned that backing these up can save a lot of hassle! :/

Got any patches you're into? Let me know in the 'notes to seller' section and I'll hook it up for ya. :)

Current stock as of 12/17: 6 incoming

Sold Out