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'Hater' Patch

Image of 'Hater' Patch


So it may not be the most friendly thing on earth, but TD and suspect whipped these up for personal use. Doodle did some of his own, and did a couple more to hook a couple friends up. This is a test bed patch to gauge interest in the overall design; some in the compound think it's 'too controversial', too 'mean'. But what do they know? This patch is your sigil, your sacred vow to do what you want to anyone's displeasure. Plus it's just kinda funny. -TD

This design is a one-off, there may be a revised version with adjustments, but it's not going to be the exact style. Right now, 45 of 50 released for public consumption. (Price is a bit higher, it ain't as cheap making so few of these. :[ )

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