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Doodle's 'Tuxedo' Tenacious Folding Knife

$99.97 - On Sale

Oct 2016: Several Testers and Demos up for sale, check dropdown box for additional details for each. :)

Like everything else in the store, I made this because I wanted one. A Spyderco Tenacious with Cerakoted scales in a fresh Alpinweiss shade, this 'tuxedo' color scheme was one I've pushed for for year. Honestly, I do these because it's fun, I like the style, and it's a bit of a fundraiser for TNP projects! (Usually, it goes toward pieces NF isn't all that into :) For a little EDC blade (and those times I need something smaller than my Resilience) it's a fantastic choice, and white isn't a color that's on a lot of knives out there. A really awesome little piece of bladed collectibility at a pricepoint that undercuts our other projects.
First batch is coming soon, prep and disassembly/reassembly, timing, shooting, and baking all take quite a while to do for each blade. To top it off, NF signs them and numbers them individually to keep track of how many are out there. Signed, coated, and collectible- this little Tenacious is probably our most carryable edition yet!

If you're outside the US just contact me through the store and I'll get you squared away! Seems like they get past customs just fine, but I want to make sure it doesn't need special marking or anything to get through to you.

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