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Shark Patches FDE Brown


Have you been missing our classic shark patch? Our ltd. shark ones from 2012 were some of the most popular, and are usually top of the list at requested re-runs. This design is one of our favorites, and faces left so it works a little neater if you've got it on a sleeve. If you've got some velcro with adhesive backing, you can end up putting this on pretty much any surface- I've got one on my dirt bike that's been getting tanned for a while. Embroidered with velcro hook backing, each also included the loop side sized for the roundel if you want to sew it on yourself.

A simplified, flatter color than the competition colors. Everyone likes this design, and I've changed it a bit from the last go-around to keep the originals special. The brown makes a pretty good match with diff. patterns and fabrics.

This will be continuously stocked, with this page continually updated with quantity. If quantity reads zero, allow 1-2 weeks until they arrive back in stock.

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