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Paramilitary II Blue/Bronze TNP Fundraiser (Workshop Special)


A long-time EDC fave around here, we've had a couple PMII's floating around the carry pool for a while in various colorways and sprint runs, and we've finally done a couple in one of our favorite crew schemes. Light, compact, and thin, this is one of Spyderco's home runs. Smooth, enjoyable flickability married to S30V steel in a sandwich of tactile G10. Handling it is rewarding, deploying it is addicting.

By now it's almost a TNP tradition for us to make a small run of crew-only edc blades - usually a thin, fairly light, affordable folder with a little extra work on it to make it more enjoyable. For 2015, I made a few extras of my personal Resilience, and a lot of people asked for a higher-end blade that was more collectible and U.S. produced. Well, I personally always preferred the form factor of the resilience, and when I made my personal run I just couldn't afford a paramilitary pricepoint. But I figured I would try out a couple of them and help out those who wanted one... but mostly I wanted one of my own!

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