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Pacific Salt (Blue/Bronze)

$153.00 - On Sale

There's something really enjoyable about carrying the Pacific Salt. It's a working knife. It's light, hard-wearing, and keeps all the weight in the blade, giving it an enthusiastic attitude no matter what task you pull it out for. Snicking it out is oddly enjoyable for a working blade, and the H1 steel (an "exotic Japanese steel precipitation-hardened with nitrogen, eliminating carbon-based rust tendencies") holds that edge long enough your sharpening skills will get rusty! The thumbhole is enlarged compared to the endura's of the line, and the clip is a special piece that's easier on in-field adjustment and tightening than a tiny torx bit.

When we started doing zodiac adventures again, it didn't take long to rust out my first few EDC blades. So, we busted out new oceanic EDC: The Spyderco Pacific Salt. While the first few of these blades were crewmember leftovers from outfitting out vests and kits on the coast, I've left this quantity open so everyone can have a crack at them if they want one. No certificates are made for these, and Signed is + $10 (hey, it's a tip jar kinda thing) and the edition is opened. If you've been wanting a TNP blade you aren't afraid to put to work, this is it!

If ordering, be sure to get the option you request! Quantities aren't limited, and this page will be updated as new batches arrive. Unlike Spyderco's paramilitary II's, these aren't perenially backordered, so there's much less of a wait to get one in your mailbox!

If you aren't convinced yet, check out that spec sheet: Enlarged thumbhole, reversible titanium pocket clip? Myodo H1 steel? (Well at least it sounds cooler than "boring ol' steel") Full rustproofing? That's a capable EDC blade. Plus, unlike some of the smaller stuff out there, you don't feel guilty if you get it dirty while peeling an apple.

Ships insured, Air via first class or priority USPS.

Stock as of 11/16: 3 completed.
next batch est: Dec 1 ship date

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