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Ltd. Edition TNP Victorinox Cadet

$61.37 - On Sale

An exclusive, limited-edition color for TNP and Cutleryshoppe, these electric blue Cadets are far and away our favorite coloration ever made! With anodized aluminum scales and a slim profile, this small run of TNP collectability is our favorite new addition to our carry lineup.

Each one of this small, 500 piece run has been laser etched with it's own serial number and the TNP logo on the blade. In addition, the first 250 have been allocated as available signed pieces to go to support the project and future videos. (Depending on demand, I am unable to allow an option for signed while keeping track of all the stock, so it will be allocated as stock changes.-TD)

Back in 2008, NF had nothing but great things to say about the best swiss army knife around: "One of the best pocket knives in the world, the tiny Cadet is a frequent companion on all my adventuring and daily tasks. It is rugged, THIN, and lightweight. At one time it came in all the cool colors shown and each is a favorite. Tools are basic: large blade, small and large flat blade driver, nail file, can opener, cap lifter, and lanyard ring. You might miss the tweezers and toothpick in this mode that features Alox aluminum scales. Value is extremely high as in most Victorinox products. I recommend using for purchasing. It is good looking, extremely serviceable, and actually collectible too (discussed!). It is with me wherever I go. //////////////// Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10"

Sorry! I can't promise any specific numbers during shipment. No refunds/exchanges/swaps can be accepted for the purposes of chasing down any particular serial. (But let me know in the notes anyways, I'll try to take care of you. :) Doodle

Limit 2 per customer! (If the family's looking to get outfitted, note such in the order for shipping combo. :)

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