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TNP Owl Patches

$8.37 - On Sale

ETA: May 2017 (Back due to request)

Easily one of our most popular patches, this one is the perennial favorite. It makes a cool and subdued statement of all the principles of TNP: adventure, freedom, vigilance, and humor. Two versions available, both equally popular: Angry and Vigilant Owls. Velcro (hook side) backed and ready to be stuck onto anything with a loop (fuzzy) velcro surface. (Also includes its' own backing if you need to sew it on somewhere.) These often sell out so order when they're in stock!

Each measures 3.5" in diameter. Originally $9.99ea, I've finally gotten a bit more in bulk for a sweeter discount on this batch. (Still not enough for awesome price breaks though, the good $$ doesn't start until the 10k unit mark)

US domestic shipping is included in main price. I'll be honest- I have a habit of throwing in some secret patches if you buy a bunch at once. :) -Doodle

If y'all order from outside the U.S., it ships first class international, and pricing usually starts at $12 USD minimum for that. Sorry for the cost!

Sold Out